Sunday, 23 December 2012

There is no crime in being kind

So yesterday was a big day travelling to see my grandparents and to deliver a few gifts of vegan shortbread for my friends. (so far all the reviews of my shortbread have been really good so I'm pretty pleased. :)) It was amazing seeing people, albiet briefly, and it's reminded me who the important people in my life are. Presents wise I actually did quite well! I got £60 cash, a Squirtle pokemon beaded art piece, £20 Waterstones voucher, a cute owl magnet and some dog shaped paper-clip/filers. :) Everyone knows me so well and I'm very lucky. :)

Being such a long day in the car comfort was a necessity. I tend to get really hot in cars so I didn't want to wear layers and layers incase I did get a bit stuffy. What I chose ended up being perfect and I got a few comments from family about how well I dress - yay! 

I also managed all day without fainting until we were almost home and then I went twice. I'm really feeling the effects today (I couldn't even go Christmas food shopping with my Mum) and so all my last minute projects are on hold while I take a day to just rest. I'm about to watch the Supernatural season 5 finale and then I'll finish reading volume 1 of Les Miserables. I've had a lavender and jasmine bath as well so I'm pretty relaxed for once!

Outfit Details. 
Tapestry tan brouges - Urban Outfitters, Black socks - Dunnes Stores, Leggings - h&m, velvet bodycon dress - New Look, Oversized Cardigan - Charity Shop, Stag Necklace - etsy


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