Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Take my eyes and paint my bones, Drill my brain all full of holes

It's been a few days but I've been wearing boring, comfy clothes cos I've not had much reason to get dressed properly. Until today! Today I had a blood test (seeing how many antibodies that cause allergens are in my blood to see if my asthma medication needs adapting), and so this involved getting dressed. :)

It's been cold out, even hitting the minus figures at times, and there's sometimes been odd patches of ice so I needed to make sure I dressed appropriately as I don't want to fall over! I have enough trouble keeping upright at the moment. Although I haven't shown it in the pics I took but I decided to wear my black, laced up ankle boots. They don't really have any grip but they're perfectly flat so I find them easier to walk over ice on. Luckily, there was no ice! I did have a disaster at the hospital, had my blood test and then fainted. But had the paramedics called out, and my Mum picked me up and took me home so I've slept all afternoon. Just had some yummy egg and chips and now I'm going to watch Grey's and try and get an early night.

Also! I've reached my first weight loss goal! I now weigh 10 stone (which sounds heavy but I am 5'8!). I couldn't tell much difference until I took these pictures and I can see a slight difference on my arms and waist. It might just be angles but I'm hoping it's not. Now to get to my next goal..

Outfit details: 
Floral blouse - charity shop, Gold rose waist belt - Uttam London, Black corduroy skirt - h&m, tights - Tesco, socks - Dunnes Stores (northern ireland), ankle boots (not pictured) - urban outfitters. 


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