Saturday, 8 December 2012

Hi :)

I'm notoriously awful at introductions so I'll do a brief intro of what I want this blogspot to hopefully turn into (I am also notorious at starting at stopping blogs) and some about me things. I think that's a reasonable plan! 

About me. 
I'm Amy, I'm 22 and I live on the Somerset coast in England. 
I'm a history and philosophy graduate, and I hope to eventually have a career as a early modern historian. 
I have a boyfriend, Jonathan, who lives in Northern Ireland and I frequently visit for about 2 weeks at a time. It's those times this blog may go a little awol but who knows! 
I currently am unable to work due to a neurological condition, and despite the many physical and emotional difficulties that has created I'm trying to go on with my life. 
Due to all this free time, when well enough, I am an avid baker and bookworm. 
I'm vegan so all my baking and cooking is vegan friendly and I'm very conscious of nutrition and try to pack as much goodness into my dishes! 
The rest of my time is mainly spent reading, I currently have a collection of over 300 books (most of them read). I am a fan of all genres, bar fictional romance and new-agey stuff. I am learner and I love nothing more than relying interesting facts or plot points to my friends and family. I rarely buy books new and instead spend hours in second hand bookstores and charity shops hunting for interesting finds! There's a store called Bookend's in Bangor, Northern Ireland which is one of my favourites as they have a non-returnable 50p section of hardbacks! Another favourite is the Bookbarn just outside Bristol in England. It is HUGE! Every book is £1 and it's not really organised so you can find some really quirky surprises in there. 
I am also very interested in fashion and personal style. Since I went to uni I've had lots of compliments on my personal style which is a strange combination of current fashions, vintage fashions and quirkiness. Being ill, I do spend alot of time in pj's so whenever I have to go out, even for hospital appointments I like to make an effort with my style. Somedays I want to be covered head to toe in black and other days I want to be like a rainbow; I can't even name my style as it varies so much! Except that it is me. 

This blog. 

I kinda want this blog to be about my personal style, cooking and baking, crafts and the adventures I go on. I don't have a good camera and most of my personal style pictures are currently taken with my macbook's iSight webcam! Maybe eventually this will change and I'll be able to show more detail in my images but for now I'm afraid it's all I have. 
I want to inspire people to maybe try vegan recipes or to break out a new style. I want people to learn to enjoy life and the choices they make. I'm a very panicky person so I'm trying to learn to do this as well, it's a learning curve for us all. I hope any readers do stick around and email me any questions or anything. You can also check out my twitter or my tumblr.


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