Saturday, 2 February 2013

In the valley of dolls we sleep

Did a little too much today so I'm currently curled up in bed having to focus so hard on typing cos of the vertigo. ):
Luckily it was worth it, I went shopping with my Mum and it's been a while since we were last able to go out just the two of us because we tend to go with my sister. It was nice having a few hours mother-daughter time; and since I'm going away for six weeks to Northern Ireland it reminded me how much I'm going to miss her while I'm away. I seriously have an amazing Mum who does anything for my siblings and I that's within her power. I'm very lucky to have her. :) I wish I could do more for my Mum to treat her more but I do have my own budget restrictions in place but I'm hoping to buy her a camera for her birthday (though it'll be early) that she can take on the holiday she's hoping to take to Italy in October. My Mum paints watercolours and her cameras pretty old and rubbish now so I want to give her one she can use to take pictures that she can then paint when she comes home. 

So on our little adventure we both bought some henna from Lush (I use caca rouge and my Mum's going to try it with caca maroon), I bought some earrings for £1 and a new bird blouse, aztec tights and a khaki skirt all for £12! I also wore my wig out as I was feeling lazy and couldn't be bothered to wash my hair. Shockingly, not one person questioned me and the woman in Lush thought it was my natural hair! Another woman in another store told me I look like a china doll which was a little odd but lovely nonetheless. 

I also started a new book today, Stephen King's 'The Shining'. I've seen Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece of a film based on this book and I've always wanted to extend my King collection and so when I saw this a while ago in a charity shop for 90p there was no way I could resist! I think it'll take me a few days to get through as I really need to work on my sewing projects tomorrow and Monday and then I leve Tuesday evening. I just hope it's as good as the film! 

Finally, well-done to the English rugby team for beating Scotland today in their first game of the Six Nations! Jonathan said he's going to try and teach me the rules of rugby so I can understand it more. Hopefully we can keep this winning streak and get a grand slam this year!

Outfit details
Skull playsuit - TKMaxx, Cream vintage blouse - Urban Outfitters, black opaque tights - Marks and Spencers, Mustard skinny belt - h&m, Shoes - thrifted (charity shop), black socks - Dunnes Stores, Owl necklace - bought in Rome, Mustard woollen hat - New Look, Black wig - eBay.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Remember what the dormouse said "Feed your head"

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me because after waiting over three weeks my Alice In Wonderland tights finally arrived! These are one of my many eBay bargains and as an Alice fan how could I resist? They were shipped from Hong Kong, hence the long delivery wait,  and I am so pleased with the product. The one problem I found is that as I'm 5'8 the tights are a little too short but I just about managed to get them up my legs! Anyone taller then me I'm afraid I feel your pain with buying tights and having to buy large or extra large! As a result if you see these advertised anywhere as 'one size', as mine were, and you're over 5'8 you probably won't be able to get them all the way up your legs which is a shame. ): 

I spent a while deciding what to wear with these beauties and settled on a vintage monochrome look to complement the tights without overpowering them. I did wear heeled ankle boots while taking the pictures but I can't walk in heels very long with my condition so I switched to flats when I went to the supermarket in the evening. I also stole another opportunity to wear my wig as I won't be able to wear it for a few weeks while I'm in Northern Ireland (I'm a little worried about it going out of shape or something in the suitcase cos of how full it usually is). Make up wise I went with grey smokey eyes (boots 17 collection) and a muted lipstick (boots natural collection) for a gothic feel to the ensemble. I loved how this worked with the wig and the outfit as a whole as it was striking without being overpowering. I adore this look so much and I wish I was able to go out more to show it off! 

Not alot else has happened the past few days. I went to the doctors today to discuss my asthma and he was wonderful and reassuring and I'm glad I have him on my side with all my medical problems at the moment. I start my CBT next week via telephone so going to really tackle the anxiety problems I have currently. I'm meant to be sewing at the moment as I have some projects to finish but I've been so tired this week I have hardly the energy to read half the time! ): 

Books I have read this past week: 
Patricia Cornwell - The Body Farm (4/5)
Patricia Cornwell - Potters Field (4/5)
Patricia Cornwell - Cause of Death (3/5)
Erin Morgenstern - Night Circus (5/5)

Currently reading: 
John Harding - Florence and Giles

If anyone would like to see other ratings I've given books or what kinds of books I read then please add me on Goodreads. My name is Amy Maries on there as it's linked with my facebook. I'd love to see what other people read so it'll be great to have some more friends. :)

I'm going to Taunton tomorrow with my Mum to get a new supply of henna hair dye from Lush (I use caca rouge) and probably pop into some of the shops there. I would have got some Tuesday from Bath with my physio but my asthma was still bad so I had to cancel. My lungs are improving again though so fingers crossed I have no more trips to a&e! 

Outfit Details.
Lace blouse - made by my Mum, PU skirt - river island, alice tights - ebay, lace up heeled ankle boots - forever 21, wig - ebay and owl pocket watch necklace - gift.