About Me

Hi, I'm Amy nice to meet you! 

I'm a 23 year old English soul living in Northern Ireland. 
This blog is something where I can write about the adventures I have, share my style or give reviews of whatever takes my fancy. I'm not a professional blogger and this is something I'm working on building in my spare time. I'm a graduate with a history and philosophy degree with aims to work within the heritage business as a researcher/archivist/curator/lecturer. I'd like to write more in the future and I guess this is one place to start!

I have a wonderful boyfriend, Jonathan. He's the Han Solo to my Princess Leia and I couldn't imagine another day in my life without his bouncing quiff brightening my day. We live in a little house with Moz and Marr the bearded dragons and Florence, Clio and Reginald the gerbils.

I've been vegan since the 1st January 2013 and I'm really enjoying the lifestyle, food and the effect it's had on my morality and health. I'm happy to discuss any thoughts on veganism just drop me an email (see below). I'm happy with the choice I have made and nutritionally I am healthy; I do not condemn others for their lifestyle choices (within reason) so please do not criticise my choice.

Generic things I enjoy:
- ice hockey - books - films - baking - music - cooking - vinyl - flowers - art - illustration - fashion - history - animals - psychiatry - philosophy - design - diy - crafts - sewing - swimming - dance - owls - photography - archeology - theatre - vegan food - health and nutrition - street style - culture - magic the gathering - gaming- anthropology - tea - gardening

If you have any questions or want to chat then drop me an email to amykmaries@gmail.com I'd love to hear from you! :)


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