Saturday, 8 December 2012

The air we breathe is thinning the words that we speak

Woo, my first outfit post! As I said on my first post I'm only able to use my iSight at the moment but I'll  start learning how to use the timer on my camera to see if that's any better quality. This was from last Sunday (gosh, almost a week ago! how time flies!) when my Mum, sister and niece went out shopping. I was pretty late getting up so it was a quick throw on anything and get make up on fast! I bought the oversized dark green blazer at the charity shop earlier last week so I was dying to wear it with something. I wanted the focus to be on the blazer so I decided a black mini-stretch skirt and a black strappy top would do the job. Paired with a pair of tights from the Birmingham Rag Market, black ankle socks (not shown) and cute black shoes with gold fastenings that I forgot to take a picture of! Jewellery was a bronze-gold owl necklace with emerald gem eyes and a stars and moon drop earrings.

All in all, this was a perfect quick outfit and I love it. I think with the colder weather really setting in here I could wear a black cardigan under the blazer and add a scarf to keep warm; I have a vintage floral one that would look perfect. I'd dyed my hair the night before to create a red ombre look, which is so subtle and I adore it. I'll do a post on my hair at some point as I dye it with henna and I know I struggled to find information and tips when I started online.

Outfit details: 
Oversized blazer and shoes (not shown) - charity shop, black strappy top, mini stretch skirt and black patent skinny belt - h&m, striped tights - birmingham rag market, owl necklace - gift, earrings - so old now I can't remember. 


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