Friday, 21 December 2012

Bye bye baby, don't be long, I worry about you, when you're gone

I've not been posting cos I've been struck down by a hideous virus. Started feeling a bit run down Tuesday night but by Wednesday morning I felt awful. It's since cleared up but since having a diet coke in town (I haven't had a fizzy drink in over a month) I got home to spend half an hour in the bathroom. ): My tummy hurts now so much! 

But I got my haircut today! In love with my hairdresser because she does exactly what I want and curls it for free (she's meant to charge an extra £5 but she didn't <3). Also got some make-up basics: mascara, pressed powder, foundation and I got a smokey eye palette for free! :) Also, I popped into the supermarket for some flavoured water and they have loads of cd's for £2 so I picked up a Pulp album and a Savage Garden album. Bargin! 

Today's outfit was based around 'I love these trousers and I want to wear them'. I got them in the Topshop sale last month for £25. That's alot for me to spend on clothes but I adore them so much and they're just so funky! I didn't need a cardigan today as the weathers gone really mild so my coat was enough so I just paired with a oxblood shirt. It was simple and comfy and I don't tend to wear trousers so it made a nice change. 

My final news is that due to being ill I've lost another 2 pounds (though whether I can keep them off remains to be seen) so I now weigh under 10 stone! This has put me in a good mood and has set me off for my next target weight perfectly. :)

Oh, and the world didn't end so that's good. Seriously though, the people who totally believed it are pretty naive! :/ 

Outfit details: 
Oxblood shirt - Topshop (found in charity shop), Pattern tailored cigarette trousers - Topshop, Silver cut out brouges - Office, 'A' necklace - urban outfitters. 


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