Tuesday, 25 December 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year

It's the end of Christmas! I hope you've all had a wonderful day and you got what you wanted and ate lots of yummy food! I for one got my sewing machine from my Mum, sewing basic goodies from my sister and Phoebe, a toolbox to use as a sewing box from my brother and bath smellies from my aunt and uncle and family friends. It's not alot this year but I know my sewing machine cost quite a bit so I knew I was only getting that from Mum. I haven't had chance to properly give it a test run cos I've been quite tired after yesterdays cooking madness! 

This was also my first vegan Christmas dinner! Though I still have cheese and eggs to give up (this time next week I'll be full vegan!) I decided to just go for it this year and it was a tasty success! I made a vegetable pie with a rosemary encrusted pastry (I only put pastry on the top of the pie as to save the calories!) with all the trimmings, homemade cranberry sauce and my first attempt at yorkshire puddings. They need a little more experimenting until I perfect the recipe/cooking but they were still tasty! Then for dessert we had my homemade vegan Christmas pudding with soya custard and oh my goodness I will be making this every year from now on. If anyone wants the recipe it's here. I adapted it a little by adding nuts and not adding prunes or apricots and using amaretto instead of sherry. But I think that's the joy of making your own Christmas pudding, you can add more of what you like and take out anything you're not keen on. It's really easy to make as well, you just need 7 hours in total to steam. ^^; We have the same meal again tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it! I'm trying not to worry about the calories today and tomorrow as it's Christmas but it's tough not to look! 

As it was Christmas and I don't have much of a social life at the moment I wanted to wear something pretty for Christmas so I wore one of my favourite special dresses. This navy polka dot dress has a sweetheart neckline which I think is so flattering on most women. It also has a heart cut out on the back which is a cute detail that I think was the deciding factor for me buying the dress! I also like how the waist is structured and the tulip skirt is also another flattering cut. I paired this with my flesh coloured heart patterned tights (you can't see the pattern as it was hard to get on camera due to it blending in), a simple birds on branch long necklace and the beautiful silver owl earrings from my friend Alex for Christmas. It was comfortable and made me feel more festive as I've really struggled to get into the spirit this year. I think it's because my Mum had to work yesterday and my Mum has never worked Christmas Eve because she prefers it to Christmas Day, but yesterday she had no choice so I think her not being around made it not feel like Christmas. Also we had to wait til the evening to open presents when Phoebe and my sister arrived from her boyfriends families house. It's been an odd Christmas for sure. 

Outfit Details.
Polka dot heart cut out dress - newlook, flesh coloured heart pattern tights - primark, bird necklace - etsy, silver owl earrings - gift.


Emily Coletti said...

That dress is for realz the cutest. I noticed your tights are from Primark. Do you live in England? Is that just like an England store? Anyways, looks absolutely adorable!!!!

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