Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Why wait to discover your dreams?

Wearing: Black pattern flatforms - Office, Black tights - Marks and Spencers, Denim Mini Skirt - Topshop, Black belt - Primark, Oversized cream blouse - Urban Outfitter's, Necklace - Etsy

I hope all my readers had a lovely Easter! I come from a non-religious family and I'm an atheist myself so it was never a big thing in my family bar chocolate. Now I'm older (and vegan) I didn't get any chocolate, apart from two eggs I had from Jonathan's Mum and Aunt when I was in Northern Ireland last. I did buy Phoebe the Lion King on dvd as an Easter present and I think it'll turn into a tradition now that she gets a new Disney dvd for Easter. She gets alot of chocolate from family already so I'd rather give her a little gift that lasts! I might look for some Easter crafts next year as she'll be two and able to do more. Though she did make an Easter card with my Mum for me! However you celebrate Easter or not at all then I hope you had a good weekend. 

Easter chick card made by Phoebe and my Mum. 

Since I have had three weeks at home before jetting back to Northern Ireland for Jonathan's birthday I've been wanting to work on some projects I keep putting off. I'm not the best person at always finishing something I've started because my mind and imagination are always jumping off to the next thing but I'm trying to remedy this habit. As a result I've been working on some sewing projects that date from Christmas. I've made my sister and my niece each their own cushion, my first ever go at quilting! I finished all the machine sewing yesterday and then tomorrow I'm going to do the fastenings and they'll be finished. Mum's helping me with some other projects that are a tad more complicated for my current skill level. 

 Wearing: Black shoes - charity shop, black tights - Marks and Spencers, Black PU skirt - River Island, Thin belt - Primark, Batwing jumper - Republic

When I get home, probably after my holiday to Devon with the family, I want to start work on a fabric covered noticeboard for my room with some of the pretty bird material I bought. I've also decided to paint my feature wall in my room cream like the rest of my room instead of wallpaper because I want to carry on my collection of pretty paintings and prints of animals and things. I currently have two owl paintings that my Mum created for my birthday, two owl prints I got for 50p each at a market and a vintage style painting of finches by my Gran. Plus I need room for my hockey jersey! I'm not a minimalist person in style as I like lots of trinkets so I'm learning to balance that to make practical spaces without overcrowding - I can't wait to have a whole house to decorate! 

Finches Painting by my Grandmother. 

Another experiment of mine was a baking experiment. It being easter weekend I needed to make something sweet and yummy to celebrate and I was entranced to make the mini pineapple upside down cakes from A Beautiful Mess. Obviously, I would need to adapt the recipe to make it vegan so I used my now trusty cake batter mix (it's for a red velvet cake but I just leave out the chocolate and food colouring and it makes a gorgeous batter that has tricked many into not knowing it was vegan!). I also changed the whiskey in the recipe for amaretto as I'm not a big whiskey fan and we didn't have any in anyways! The results were the best pineapple upside down cakes I've ever made! I've made them before but never thought to put a caramel layer under the pineapple and it makes such a difference. These are now my go-to party cakes and I'll be whipping up a batch for Jonathan's work colleagues next week! 
My vegan mini pineapple upside down cakes.

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I've had three outfits here to show you as I've been a tad behind. I'm trying to brace more spring attire despite the cold temperatures for the UK. Today it was actually sunny and a lovely 8 degrees which was very welcome! It's not quite at the stage where I can not wear tights but my cute summer dresses will be hopefully be making more of an appearance now. The only things I want to buy clothes wise this spring/summer is a new swimming costume for my Devon holiday (probably not ready confidence wise for a bikini yet though with my latest weight gain) and some pretty walking around sightseeing sandals. I want some decent long lasting sandals that are going to last from May until the end of September when I go to Athens so any suggestions of brands are welcome (no leather or suede or flipflops though!).

Tan brogues - Urban Outfitters, Black tights - Marks and Spencers, Green retro bow pattern dress - Primark, Tan belt - New Look, Pink Lace top - Urban Outfitters, Owl necklace - Accessorize. 

Ps. I'm selling some of my old or unworn clothes on eBay. 
Less than a day left to bid but any that don't sell will be auctioned again. 


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