Monday, 28 January 2013

We won't let the sun go down, We're gonna chase the demons out of town

I'm finally out of hospital! Well truth be told I've been out since Thursday night but I'm still far from being well, though slowly getting better. I've used an entire inhaler for my asthma in less than 2 days which isn't so good but the consultant said it could be a few weeks until it's back under control. Which sucks. 

I've spent all weekend in bed in my pjs. I've had hardly any energy at all and I've needed to catch up on alot of sleep. However, I'm a little more perky today so I got up, dressed and even put make up on! It's amazing what a difference a bit of personal attention can make to your mood, I feel so liberated. Plus I finally have chance to wear my new zebra dress!

So during my weekend in bed I watched Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom' which is fantastic. If you like quirky, creative films then this is one for you! My Mum thought it was strange but I was totally enchanted and I can't understand why it's taken me so long to watch it. The cinematography is stunning and now I want an adventure in New England! I'd like to watch more of Anderson's films as I've only seen a handful and he's firmly planted himself as a favourite director of mine. 

I also spent alot of time reading, I'm reading my third Patricia Cornwell book in a row. Though I prefer the work of Kathy Reichs for forensic crime novels, Cornwell's novels are still fun to read. It also brings in a little more of the legal side, which is something I don't know alot about, as well as the forensic pathology. I also like her books cos they're quick reads, usually I can finish them in one day or two nights. This gives me a break between heavier stories or the classics, as even though I adore them they can be draining. Any crime fans out there with some new suggestions?

Outfit details:
Zebra dress - h&m, black opaque tights - marks and spencers, cowboy boots - eBay (new look), pearl collar - Miss Selfridge, Belt - came with another dress, hat - vintage from my Mum, Cream and gold bracelet - too old to remember


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