Friday, 18 January 2013

There's a Starman waiting in the sky..

I'm back! Admittedly I've been back since Sunday evening but due to several bad days with my neurological disorder and now a cold to boot I've not really done much but sleep, read and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 
While I was away I didn't get to take many outfit pictures due to Jonathan's tiny, tiny room! I had a wonderful time and I wish I were still there. I was spoiled with Christmas presents from his Mum, Dad and of course himself which has helped alot of the anxiety that they think I'm annoying calm down! 
We went shopping in Belfast on my last Saturday and I managed to pick up some bargins in the sales! Obviously those items will be appearing soon once I feel better and don't spend all day in pj's in bed. I really miss Jonathan, and it hasn't even been a week! I just feel safe around him and he makes me smile and looks after me when I have bad days. I also miss his dog, Max and his bearded dragons, Moz and Marr. (Marr is pictured above with Jonathan <3) 

We had a few wonderful days when Jonathan wasn't working. On New Years Day we went and saw The Hobbit and then he took me out to an Indian Restaurant for dinner. We went to the cinema to see Life of Pi. Both films are incredible and I really recommend seeing them both as the cinematography and plots are sublime. Both are fantastic assets to their novel counter-parts. 

I treated Jonathan as well, after dragging him around shops in Belfast we went to Wagamama's for dinner and I paid. It was his first time there and since I found out they have options for vegans it was a must! As usual the food was delicious and I can't wait for our next outing there. 

We also went to five Belfast Giants hockey games, we had a few disappointing games but luckily my last game until February was a win! I love the atmosphere at hockey games, I never thought I'd turn into a sports girl but there's something about this game that's so hypnotizing  It's fast, it's rough and it involves alot of skill I can appreciate as a non-skater! I'm really glad the NHL is back as well in North America, I'm hoping being able to watch the games at home will help me understand the penalties a little more, I have the basic jist of them but I'm still a noob!

So, of the outfit pics I did get! This is probably the only one from while I was away. I got this dress in a TK Maxx sale for £5 reduced from £25! I don't own any animal print clothes so this was a step away from the norm, but the adorable collar and versatile style of the dress, which makes it easy for layering in winter and a pretty summer dress in summer, as well as the price got me at the checkout! 

I also bought these floral tights from Tesco. I always get nervous buying pretty tights incase I ladder them but I decided this year I'm just going to have to be more careful! I show off my legs alot and I like pretty tights so time to embrace the two. I've been after some floral rose style tights for a while but I couldn't find any at a reasonable price I liked.. that was until I found these for £3. :)

This is the only outfit I've actually worn since I got home that isn't pjs. I wanted to try out another new pair of tights and the new 'manly' belt I bought to go with more 90's styles. This was to wear just to pop to the shops, and I did get some strange looks as it was 0 degrees celsius and we were waiting for snow! To be honest though, I didn't even feel the cold. It's a weird thing that I rarely feel the cold on my legs, I think it must come from my school days when I wouldn't wear trousers and I wore skirts and tights. 

Outfit details:
Tights and belt- Primark, Shorts - Topshop, Jeremiah Weed shirt - gift from my old job at a pub, Blazer - River Island (thrifted)


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