Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Can't make time stand still, but you can make it run

I am the worst person at finding time to update, but in all fairness I have been really ill and busy the last week!
I had a wonderful 6 weeks in Northern Ireland with my boyfriend. It's painful how much I miss him now but less than 2 weeks until I'll be back there for his birthday. :) He's a very special person and I would be totally lost without him at the moment. He also got me my first hockey jersey for Valentines. With the Belfast Giant's team member 'Walton' on the back, my favourite player. :)

I had an adventure last weekend visiting my Grandparents in the Midlands and seeing 2 good friends, Nick and Davy. My Mum, Gran and I also went to the Sewing For Pleasure show at the NEC and I now have several gorgeous new fabrics to work with. The great thing about it was that I was able to get companies websites that I now can say in confidence I can get decent fabric from at good prices rather than hit and miss with ebay. I'll do a comprehensive list on another post for anyone who is also on the search for good fabric! :)

The weather while I was in the Midlands was TERRIBLE! I was so unwell on Thursday when we left I literally just threw clothes into my bag without paying much attention to what it was or even looking at weather reports (like I usually do) so getting a few inches of snow was not expected! I had my tan brogues and dark green loafers with me... both of which have NO grip at all. I packed clothes-wise, a maxi skirt with some tops and a dress. Again, NOT snow suitable! I managed to get through this disaster though without getting too cold, wet and didn't fall over once! :) Despite this I had a good time and was feeling much better by the Friday so the weekend wasn't ruined.

Outfit Details: 
Black Maxi Skirt - Exhibit (NI), Aztec 3/4 sleeved top - Charity Shop, Beatles Crop Tee - H&M, Hamsa Necklace - Internacionale

On coming back I had some medical appointments Monday and saw my sister and niece  Phoebe can say my name now! It was beyond adorable and I was almost in tears, just seeing how much she'd grown and developed since I saw her a month and a half ago was astonishing. Her language skills are really developing and it makes me proud as her aunt that she's mastering these skills.

Yesterday was a rest day as my various medical problems were starting to play up so I took the initiative and spent most the day sleeping and reading. Today's a similar kinda day but I've done my physio and adapted yoga (omg my legs HURT from not doing it in so long!) and I'm planning to spend the evening reading and just taking it easy. I also got some new shoes I ordered (I've had some bad news I don't want to talk about and I'm really disheartened and sad atm so I bought shoes). They're gorgeous colourfully patterned flatforms from Office for £10 reduced from £35. I've never worn flatforms before and they're surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in! I'm actually finding it easier to keep my balance in these compared to my normal shoes! I've also donned my wig today as I've missed it, and my roots are atrocious. Mum and I are going to dye our hair this Easter weekend so just a few days left with icky blondeness!

Currently Reading: CJ Sansom's 'Revelation'
Currently listening to: Doll & The Kicks (amazing band that sadly never made it. Bargin album for £5 on itunes. Highly recommended!)

Outfit Details: 
Wig - eBay, 'Konichiwa' oversized shirt - Urban Outfitters, Bleached denim jeggings - new look, Flatforms - Office. 


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