Sunday, 14 July 2013

My Relationship with Books

I'm not one to like being dictated into what to do, what to say or believe but when I see lists of books, films, artwork or television shows that are classed as musts then I can't help but want to experience these cultural epochs. Today it was brought to my attention a list published by The Guardian of 1000 books you must read so of course I've sat and worked out how many I've read.
Total: 73

I was a little shocked at this, I generally consider myself well read than most people. (perks of chronic illness means lots of reading time) Alot of the books on the list are ones I either currently have in my 'to read' pile or are books I want to read as soon as I find them in second hand shops and/or are bought for me. I think as a result of this I've realised my taste in books varies alot: there were books I've read in each of the genres and for this I'm quite proud. I'm a girl who's hard to pin down, who has tastes in varied things and therefore experiences so many different kinds of books. I like books that have meaning, that can transport me to another reality, that stay with me long after I've read their words. Maybe in that sense I'm a bit of a book romanticist, but they truly are some of my most treasured possessions. 99% of the time I will read a book even if it's boring me in the optimistic hope that it'll get better. I'm the type of person who always has a book in her bag, who never travels without at least one literary companion. Now I have a kindle as well I can carry lots of books with me at once, though it'll never replace the comfort of the typed words, the grainy texture and smell of a book in my hands.

Next week I'm getting 100 new paperbacks for £12, thanks to an advertisement in the local Sainsburys. I can't wait to sift through the titles and imagine what these books have seen before their life in a woman's attic (this makes me sad..). Some of the books are children's Enid Blyton's from the sixties and since my Mum sadly had to part with her copies I'm looking forward to reliving some beautiful childhood memories of sitting with my Mum's battered copies in the garden, or lying on my bed on rainy weekends filling my head with fantasy and adventure.

I wouldn't be who I am without books. Even from an early age the written word spoke to me, my Mum recalls times I got into trouble for refusing to leave book sections in shops. Being a bit of a loner in school with not many friends I sought comfort in books and would spend lunchtimes in the library huddled into a corner with a new favourite story. It wasn't just fiction, my Mum once inherited several huge encyclopaedias of science and I remember sitting in the hallway engrossed into the life of a star or learning about new and fantastic creatures I knew nothing about.

I guess my books are my faithful friends, I could never part with them as everyone I've read holds a part of my soul.

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